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We Are ARC Hail Repair Master Certified

ARC is a not for profit organization based in Tennessee that qualifies U.S. PDR technicians.

ARC certified uses visual confirmation over multiple transactions as a key component to the candidacy of our membership. Only expert and Master technicians will be recognized in the ARC programs.

The ARC also maintains workplace consistencies as applied to the fast growing trade of paintless dent repair.


We Can Help Process Your Insurance Claim

Say NO to the Dent Repair Filler Bondo! Certified Hail Repair Technicians Preserve Your Vehicle’s Value

Bondo is a polyester putty product originally used as an automotive body filler. However, auto body shops sometimes use to fill dents in a car. This filler can sometimes crack if they are mixed too thickly. We are particularly vulnerable to this because the intensity of the Alabama sun bakes Bondo filled dents causing them to expand and crack.

Fillers can also become discolored. Any negative side effects from using filler risks your vehicle’s resale value.

However, PDR uses special tools on the underside of the vehicle’s body panels to massage out dents. Our Hail Techs have the tools to remove dents everywhere on the vehicle without drilling holes or damaging paint and panels.

Restoring Your Vehicle to it’s original condition doesn’t have to be expensive, difficult or time consuming

We promise that you will not see where we worked. Each body panel will be better than its pre-storm condition, including minor door dings, which we clean up as part of a complete hail repair process at no cost to our clients.


Amazing Results

Our paintless dent repair process preserves the integrity of your vehicle. No re-paints nor bondo.


Take Less Than 1 Hour

Our paintless dent repair process saves you time. No rental cars.

We welcome wholesale accounts for local body shops who need help repairing major hail damage vehicles

We Do Glass Chip Repair

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