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Fixing Auto Dents, Dings, and Creases in Oneonta, AL and Surrounding Areas

Have you ever been caught in a hail storm? Have you ever discovered a dent in your car without knowing how to get it looking like new again?

At ALL-N-DENTS, we can fix hail damage and door dings on all areas of the car. After hail damage, most people are directed through their insurance company to take their vehicle to a body shop. However, PDR is the proper way to fix a dent. PDR provides:


Quick Turnaround Time

Most repairs can be completed in
less than an hour. No rental cars needed.

Lost Cost

Paintless dent repair is less expensive than body work because it does not involve as many steps, like sanding and repainting.


Effective Results

Big dings, dents, and creases are corrected the proper way and become undetectable. No re-paints or bondo.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless Dent Repair is the art of removing auto body damage that has not altered the original paint job. Paintless Dent Repair is a technique that involves pushing a vehicle’s individual body panels back into their original shape. We use special lighting, and special tools to access dents at any point on the vehicle and our repairs restore your vehicle to it’s pre-storm or pre-dent condition. You will not see where we worked.

An official PDR Tech uses rods from the inside of the car to gently massage the dent out, making it look brand new like it was never there and costing significantly less. We have the top of the line equipment from lights, rods, and many other tools that help us fix dents of all sizes in every area of the care without damaging the inside or the outside.



Restoring Your Vehicle to It’s Original Condition Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive, Difficult or Time Consuming

We promise that you will not see where we worked. Each body panel will be better than its pre-storm condition, including minor door dings, which we clean up as part of a complete hail repair process at no cost to our clients.

Why Choose ALL-N-DENTS?

We are recommended throughout the country from multiple body shops that we have worked in. We have created wonderful relationships with other body shops that allow us to travel through the United States and give us the opportunity to work with very talented people. We are proud to call the state of Alabama our home and work mainly in the Blount County area but will always take the opportunity to travel. If you are ever in the unfortunate position of discovering a door ding on your care or have been caught in a hail storm, just notify your insurance carrier and give us a call, we can take it from there.

Our hail repair technicians have advanced dent LED lights and large selection of tools to access dents everywhere on the vehicle without drilling holes or damaging paint and panels. We are used to proficiently removing hundreds of dents of all sizes from each panel as opposed to working a few dents on a panel and making it look better. We promise that you will not see where we worked. Each panel will be better than pre-storm condition, including minor door dings, which we clean up as part of a complete hail repair with no cost to our clients and customers.

Years of Experience in the Auto Body Industry

The Problem with Bondo

Most body shops do not have Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) technicians in their body shops. Instead, they tend to have people who fix the dent “good enough” for the customer. This process usually consists of filling in dents with bondo (i.e. a polyester putty product originally used as auto filler), flattening the surface of the panel, and then repainting the affected parts of the vehicle. However, this process has many drawbacks:




Decreases Value of Your Vehicle Because It Alters Your Factory Paint Finish


Could Be Unethical & Result in Safety Issues if Applied to Horizontal Surfaces


Sun's Heat Causes Bondo to Crack & to Discolor

However, PDR uses special tools on the underside of the vehicle’s body panels to massage out dents. Our Hail Techs have the tools to remove dents everywhere on the vehicle without drilling holes or damaging paint and panels.


We Are ARC Hail Repair Master Certified

ARC is a not for profit organization based in Tennessee that qualifies US PDR technicians.

We Can Help Process Your Insurance Claim

Notify your insurance carrier, just give us a call and we can take it from there.


We Repair Glass Chips

If your windshield, side windows, or rear window have been hipped, our technicians can fix any of them for you!

We Value Our Partners

We have partnered with Colors on Parade in Bethel Heights, 5764 N Thompson St. Bethel Heights, AR 72764.

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We welcome wholesale accounts for local body shops who need help repairing major hail damage vehicles.

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